Itinerary Planning Pros

We want to help you take your dream vacation.  We have learned that research is key, and ItineraryMaster’s would like to share our love for travel and our knowledge with you; we want to build your travel itinerary.
How would you like to spend the night in a French Chateau, or centuries old working farm in Normandy, or perhaps follow the Mississippi River south on a road trip from Lake Itasca to New Orleans?

People that know us understand travel is a priority and we are often engaged in casual  conversation that includes “Have you been on any good trips lately?” Or “Where are you going on your next trip?”  The fact is we are always researching our next trip (or two).  We have learned that the best travel experiences result from a thoroughly planned schedule.  That is not a minute by minute plan rather an itinerary that contains must see, like to see, and other optional things to do.


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