Perks and Travel Rewards 

Loyalty matters; it can literally pay. Sure, businesses profit from your continued patronage; they may gather and use your information, and they will market to you. BUT…
We have found that it can, and often does, provide perks that are frequently worth the trade off.

  • Travel Cards
  • Rental rewards
  • Hotel rewards
  • Cruise ship

All of these rewards are geared to keeping you a loyal customer. “The lifetime value” of a customer far outweighs the discounts they offer…..if however, your going to spend the money anyway, why not get a better deal or have some ‘niceties’ thrown in?

We are not necessarily advocating using a specific card to earn miles, nor are we advocating card jumping for the sign-up bonus, but merely taking the time to have the loyalty awards provide value to reduce your travel costs.

Being intentional about where and how you make reservations, is what we advocate. If your renting a car between and the price between company A and B are equivalent, then book the company to get the reward, if however there is a significant price difference, choose the lower price.

Linking rewards programs is another suggestion to help build points more quickly. Frequently car rental, hotel and airlines programs can be cross/linked. A final bit of advice, and probably not worth really putting much effort into, is to pay attention to expiring miles/points and take advantage of using them for magazine subscriptions or other items offered.

Loyalty programs and rewards can be a good way to enhance your travel budget and the perks offered can improve your experience, so I say join up.

by John S. Gutteter, Travel Consultant

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